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We Responders Inc. Mission is to save lives by providing knowledge and awareness on how to render aid most emergency situations. We do this through education, verbal and hands on training. 


The Street Responders program provides courses to youth and residents to be prepared to render aid in the event of an emergency situation. The purpose of this program is to promote harm reduction, livability and resilience in neighborhoods affected by gun violence, drug addiction, and other symptoms of poverty and systemic racism. Our goal is to be proactive by equipping youth and residents with the tools needed to be responsive in times of need. 

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Meaningful Work


We Responders Inc is dedicated to putting our community first. Our Community programs provide a much-needed workshops to ensure our youth and residents are prepared and confident in their ability to respond to every day emergency situations. 


We Responders Inc ensures that local needs and priorities come first. Our Training program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. We are dedicated to building a community of responders, that contribute to a decrease in lives lost during emergency response. 


The Volunteering program is our newest running initiative, based on the premise that making a real difference is not only possible but vital. At We Responders Inc, Volunteering is a source of great pride for our Non-Profit Organization.

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